following or being pulled by the thread??? Feb/march activities 2013

OUT STRINGING AGAIN  – using New Acton Precinct as my scrap book…

You can find me out stringing around New Acton. I’ve been given permission to use the area as a kind of scrap book or as a studio for the next couple of weeks to experiment, explore and play with different threads of ideas with my string. Somethings might go up and then come straight down, some things may not even make it all the way up, it is a series of small string doodles. It is difficult to be able to get a space to use as a studio for this outdoor work. All these string doodles will lead up to a larger string installation, again down the end of Marcus Clarke Street, ACT, and again as part of Art Not Apart (march 16 2013), however hopefully with a slightly different twist to last time. Come see or chat if I’m there.

here is my photos of a string doodle I’ve done so far

IMG_3098 IMG_3101 IMG_3102

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