One response to “Decor/Festivals

  1. Hiya Victoria, WOW!!! I had no idea how good your artwork is and I think you are brilliant… in more ways than one! I have enjoyed viewing your website, but in my humble opinon I think you should post more photos of your string sculptors under lighting in the temporay string sculptors link. The crochet roof top, flowers and string sculptors at the various festivals are brilliant and look stunning! I know what I like when I’m looking at it and I also really dig your drawings and paintwork! If possible (and affordable) I would love to purchase one or two of your oil on canvas pieces or life drawings (female form) for my home, which is very bare when it comes to artwork. I recognised the Slice 9 drawing which is at Peter and Leafs home. At first I thought it was a drawing of a pregnant Leaf, but she reassured me that it wasn’t. Anyway I think you are very talented so keep at it, always believe in yourself and never doubt your ability… I say go get em girl! 🙂 Regards, Mario

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